DWR Water Repellent Coating.

We can now offer DWR (Durable Water Resistant Coating) on all our custom sublimated garments.

What is DWR?

DWR stands for “durable water repellent,” a thin layer of liquid applied to the outside of technical garments to repel water, blood, grease, and dirt. Garments treated with a DWR treatment will not get saturated with water as easily as garments without, and will be less prone to “wet out,” (when saturated outer fabrics get heavy and cling to your skin making you feel clammy and damp). Naturally, garments with a DWR treatment will keep you comfortable and dry more effectively than garments without.

Shirts with highly effective DWR is highly desirable in the outdoor world. Instead of soaking to the core, fishers, backpackers, and campers who wear garments with DWR can roll or shake off water and remain dry inside and out. Unfortunately, a DWR treatment is not a permanent property of most outerwear and periodic care is necessary to maintain peak performance.

How Long Does DWR Last?

How long a DWR treatment lasts depends mainly on garment use. If you use your garment several times each week for intense periods of activity, the DWR will not last as long as a shirt that is used, say, only a few times per month. And DWR applied at the factory to a new garment typically lasts longer than reapplications.

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